Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Auction Item 25: Home Decorating consult with Rachel Phillips of Rachel Phillips Design

We're at that weird place in life where most of our furniture is hand-me-down from family members, and it's probably time to start really investing in our own things and get a coherent look. Not that "Garage Sale Chic" isn't a valid decor style, just . . . it's time.

So, the person I'd call for home decorating advice is Rachel Phillips. She has excellent taste and can help you put together the home you really want on the budget you really have. Just a minor detail, right?

This auction item is for 2 hours of in-home decorating advice from Rachel Phillips. Trust me, this is totally worth it.

Starting bid: $25

Please leave your email address with your bid!

Thank you so much, Rachel! We appreciate you.


  1. $30 susie.black@cpalions.org

  2. 40.00 andyjane85@yahoo.com

  3. $50 - lorijamiesonjones@gmail.com

  4. $65 Mary Lisa Gingras gingrasml@comcast.net

  5. $85 - lorijamiesonjones@gmail.com