Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Auction Item 22: Frehiwot scarf from Live FashionABLE

The scarves at Live FashionABLE are my very favorite ever. The weight is perfect, the length is perfect, the colors are perfect. 

But the thing I really love about FashionABLE scarves is their mission—creating micro enterprise opportunities for women in the developing world. When I say that they're saving lives, I'm not exaggerating. These women now have the resources to feed their babies, send their kids to school, and grow their local economies. It's a really big deal, and I'm so excited about them!

So I'm really excited to include their red and green Frehiwot scarf in our auction. You will love this. I promise.

Starting bid: $10

Please leave your email address with your bid!

Big thanks to Barrett and Marisa at Live FashionABLE for donating this scarf!