Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Auction Item 13: Feather necklace by Katie Lewis

I love this item, and here's why. I've never met the artist behind this gorgeous piece. She donated it to our auction because she knows my mom and loves adoption and just wanted to help. I think that's beautiful, and I'm so thankful!

Now, the necklace itself is stunning. It's called Voto, which is a Native American word for feather. The chain is 30 inches long and the feather is another 1.75 inches, which is a really pretty length over a tank top with jeans and a cardigan in the summer. Or doubled up with a short one over a pretty dress, like she has it in this picture. Check out her shop: Dear Mushka. There's a lot more pretty, pretty where this came from. 

And in the meantime, bid on this lovely Voto necklace

Starting bid: $15

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Thank you so much to Katie Lewis! I really appreciate your support.