Wednesday, April 9, 2014

147 Million Orphans gear

We are able to sell some 147 Million Orphans gear as well with our auction, so if you'd like any of the following items please put the item name, size (if applicable), and your contact info in the comment below. This isn't an auction item; everyone can win! (However, reserve quantities have to be met. We'll be in touch with everyone who comments.)

Unisex Love + 1 t-shirt, in adult sizes ($24.99) and kids sizes ($21.99). 

Beauty from Ashes earrings ($14.99)

Purple magazine bead necklace ($19.99)


  1. Here are my bids...I hope this is how it works....But how will we know if we want ot raise our bid?
    Week at the Beach $800
    Studio Tenn tkts. $50
    Stella & Dot Lot 2 $50
    Invitations by Natalina $50
    Leonard Prints $35

    Susan Patton

  2. 5 pairs "Beauty from ashes" earrings